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यमुना का बहाव: शिवानी वर्मा का कथक

Yeh Sheher Nahin Mehfil Hai

A Kathak Production By Shivani Varma

कल शाम इंडिया इंटरनेशनल सेण्टर में यमुना, सूत्रधार बन के, नृत्यांगना शिवानी वर्मा के बेहतरीन कथक की मुद्राओं और भाव भंगिमाओं में बह रही थी। यमुना का पानी शिवानी के नृत्य में इन्द्रप्रस्थ से होता हुआ नई दिल्ली तक बहता रहा और दर्शकों को अपनी बल खाती, दिल को छूने वाली लहरों से सराबोर करता रहा।

बीना राजपूत की प्रस्तुति, यह एक नया प्रयोग है जिसमें एक तरफ यमुना की कहानी चल रही है और साथ ही शिवानी अपने नृत्य से कहानी को बयान कर रही हैं। और जैसा इतिहास यमुना ने देखा है उसके क्या कहने। राधा से लेकर द्रौपदी, मुग़ल रानियों से लेकर मीरां, और इन सारे चरित्रों और उनसे जुड़ी घटनाओं को – मुद्राओं पर बखूब पकड़ से – ‘ये शहर नहीं महफ़िल है’ जिसकी संकल्पना, स्क्रिप्ट और कोरियोग्राफी भी शिवानी ने की है, प्रस्तुत किया। शिवानी वर्मा ने बताया कि भविष्य में ‘ये शहर नहीं महफ़िल है’ को और ऊँचे स्तर पर किया जाता रहेगा। यमुना के शब्दों को आवाज़ दी बेगम सियादा हमीद ने, गायन और रचना पं० ज्वाला प्रसाद ने और तकनीकी निदेशक नितिन जैन ने किया। कॉस्टयूम  हाउस ऑफ़ कोटवाड़ा / मीरा और मुजफ्फर, समा अली के थे।

इससे पहले कार्यक्रम का शुभारम्भ भारतीय सांस्कृतिक संबंध परिषद् के महानिदेशक अमरेन्द्र खटुआ और विख्यात कथक गुरु शोभना नारायण, जो शिवानी की गुरु भी हैं, ने किया।

अगली दफ़ा शिवानी वर्मा के कथक को देखना नहीं भूलियेगा इस बार तो मैं कुछ तस्वीरें उतार लाया हूँ.
भरत तिवारी



 DELHI through the eyes of the YAMUNA


The River Yamuna is the sutradhar for what can be said to have begun as Indraprastha, and through the sands of time, came to be New Delhi. This is the story of Delhi through the  eyes of the Yamuna, who predates this gathering that is this city and still watches silently from the sidelines. The rise and fall of empires, the glory and degeneration of cultures, the suppression and liberation of millions, she has witnessed it all. It is not one city, it is a gathering of cultures that have coexisted, lived, died, reborn.. again. The undying city - Delhi.

This presentation begins with the River Yamuna depicted as a celestial being. It is said that, Yamu-na is the consort of Lord Shri Krishna. Gokula, the divine abode of the Lord is the home of Yamuna. It is said that the river first went round Shri Krishna before descending down to earth as per the or-der of her Lord. Her tryst with Delhi begins with Krishna in Indraprastha, flows from myth into the legends of Hindu Rajput kingdoms, followed by the Delhi Sultanate, the Mughal Empire, the British Empire to Independence and now, New Delhi, where she has been relegated to the point of insignif-icance. Yet she remains as the only constant in the long and ephemeral history of Delhi.

It was once known as a city of ruin and remorse and remains a symbol of fallen grandeur. 
‘Woh sheher jo kabhi bas na saka' 
(That city that could never be settled)
Many poets have captured this essence in the paeans they have composed for the city - from Mir to Zafar, Ghalib and Zauq. 
Delhi has survived many invasions and destruction but continues to be a city of love. This is beauti-fully put in verse by Mir as Alvi points out: “Dil ki basti bhi shehar dilli hai; Jo bhi guzra usee ne loota.” (Delhi alone is a city of love; all those that have passed through have looted it)

Concept, Script and Choreography - Shivani Varma
Narration by Begum Syeda Hameed
Vocals and Composition - Pt. Jwala Prasad
Technical Director - Nitin Jain
Costume - House of Kotwara / Meera & Muzaffar, Sama Ali

On the tabla - Amaan Ali; On the Pakhawaj - Mahaveer Gangani, Esraj - Arshad Khan, Sitar- Khaled Mustafa, Flute - Vinay Prasanna, Guitar - Amar Sangam

SHIVANI VARMA is an Indian classical dancer trained in the classical dance form Kathak. A disci-ple of renowned danseuse Guru Shovana Narayan, and an integral member of danseuse Sharm-ishtha Mukherjee’s troupe, Shivani has been dancing at reputed professional platforms nationally and internationally for more than a decade. As a soloist, she has played leading roles in many clas-sical projects directed by acclaimed film maker Muzaffar Ali including Sufi festival Jahan-e- Khusrau and the Wajid Ali Shah Festival. Shivani has had the privilege of having performed at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games held in India in 2010 and has giv-en recitals at a number of Literature Festivals such as those at Agra, Lucknow and Bhutan. Recent recitals include diverse venues like the Lakme Fashion Week, at the art installation of artiste Manav Gupta ,interpreting the Ganga Waterfront through Kathak, inauguration of the Shashwat Dham tem-ple in Nepal, her latest production, “Come to the Orchard in Spring”.

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