Millions of faces in a face - Priyadeep Kaur - #Shabdankan

साहित्यिक, सामाजिक ई-पत्रिका Shabdankan

Millions of faces in a face - Priyadeep Kaur

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The novel ‘Millions of faces in a face’ is a love story of today’s world. #shabdankan

Millions of faces in a face 

- Priyadeep Kaur

19 yeaers old, Priyadeep Kaur is an exuberant writer from Banaras. She is doing her graduation in commerce. She has managed to intrigue the youth by her blog ‘Philosophical Pergola’. She is the younget member as the Jt secretary at 'The first step trust', Varanasi and her personal library of more than 1000 books has a range varying from literature to psychology to vastu. Priyadeep is a trained classical singer and have shared stage with prominent artists. She teaches kids of villagers and labors free being the half-mother of her younger brother and her bubbly dogs. Apart from creativity, spirituality, meditation, love, and virtues are what she dies for.

‘Millions of faces in a face’ is her debut novel which is getting launched on Saturday, February 20, 2016 at Oxford Book stores New Delhi. The synopsis, I liked so much that I couldn't resist sharing it with you. And am sure that after reading this story-outline , like me, you too would like to read the young author's 1st book - ‘Millions of faces in a face’. 

Bharat Tiwari

The novel ‘Millions of faces in a face’ is a love story of today’s world. It is alike all run of the mill love stories apart from its characters who are in misery from some social diseases which are on go in youngsters, in this era.


“Dimple Ahluwalia” is a single child with a mobile phone, the single way to get in finger with her love…

“Mangesh Rahangdale” lives his life fullest, He is handsome, and fun loving, possibly, loves for fun…

“Sumit Sharma”, a born genius but fails to crack IITs. Finally, he is in love with cigarette…

‘Nainsi’ and ‘Tasaffur’ are born in struggling families with a dream of winning poverty…

Some ill-omened one loose their parents and do not understands the kismet, So as is ‘Gurmeet’…
Beside these bits and pieces, it is the sole propose called love…

Will they find the true face of their lives or these youngsters will have to appoint a good psychiatrist???

Story Outline ... 

A ‘Banarasi’ girl with the portrayal of Kashi, the city of Lord Shiva with the eyes of a juvenile and stock-still girl. It starts with a facebook notification in Dimple Ahluwalia’s mobile phone about Sumit Sharma, which makes her give elucidation about it to her only friend, Nainsi Raj. She tells her about her school batch mate, Sumit Sharma who was the arrogant and conceited school topper. He was in another section, but they became partners for two events, in lieu of their school in class 3rd and 9th. Dimple imparts her experience about those events, which were so dodgy to forget because of Sumit’s misconduct. As for the pry opens by Nainsi, she talks with him and finds him so changed. He is broken down by failure in IITs and falls for addiction everyday for the sake of some relief. People who have bitter episodes in their life can absorb other’s pain and sorrows. Dimple tries to make Sumit feel energize again, and work hard in his target course to crush all records of IIT JEE ADVANCE. During this journey of friendship, they also meet Tasaffur and Avantika in some places in Banaras who are living their life, on the other hand, dying in poverty. Again, after years, those meetings with Dimple makes Sumit Sharma comprehend that Dimple is suffering from her inner. He doesn’t unearth her jolly and fun-loving as she was in her school days. Sumit Sharma whips her up to share what are the reasons and clauses behind this change, which cannot be consider as a change because of maturity. Then she tells her about her love, Mangesh Rahangdale whom she saw in a bakery, in Gondia, Maharashtra while she was in her grandmother’s place in summer vacations. He was attractive. In the first meeting, she apprehended what actually love at first sight means, unerringly. However, her cousin, Gurmeet who is an egotistical orphan, feels the same infatuation for him. Dimple and Gurmeet with their cousin, Saheb tried so rigid to find the boy, Mangesh whom they saw in the bakery.

She tries her greatest to put out of her mind her feelings for him and tries her preeminent to settle some love scenes between Mangesh and Gurmeet.

Mangesh never showed any interest for Gurmeet and always admire Dimple. His rejection hurts Gurmeet and she blames Dimple for everything. The end of the lovely relationship between two sisters makes Dimple to return Banaras back. From here, phone conversation starts between Mangesh and Dimple and after some months Mangesh finally proposes her to be his girlfriend. While driving and talking over the phone with Dimple, Mangesh faces a road accident. From the day of his accident, his phone is switch off. Dimple is in Banaras and she cannot do anything presently to make sure that he is alive or not. This drawback of a distance relationship makes Dimple a depression patient. Soon, she creates anxiety because of which her body parts shivers in any kind of uncomfortable situation. In the next vacations, she returns to Gondia and searches Mangesh in each road but fails. At the end of the vacations, she finally sees him near a mobile store, but, because of her sudden shivering anxiety, she runs away from him. Mangesh didn’t witness her. After some months of her return, she receives a call from Mangesh who gets her number from one culprit but a common friend. They cry together telling their situations to each other and then laugh because the bloom of their lives is back again. For the reason that Mangesh was over the bed for months in that accident, the incident makes him feel that distance relationship does not stays. The physical disappearance of Dimple sinks in always to him, which causes the formation of detachment for Dimple and her love. Dimple tries her best to sort out his discrimination but it does not work. With two years of her sufferings and her fight for her love from a distance relationship tag, which is not everyone’s cup of tea, at last, they end it up with her last conversation with him from a P.C.O. booth. Dimple, in astonishment, crying drives her scooty. She again gets an attack of anxiety while she is riding her scooty and she fells over the road, shivering. At last, Mangesh, in his height of detachment, refuses to recognize her when she is in the hospital. That is how her love story ends.

After going through the happenings with Dimple, Sumit Sharma finds her to be beautifully perfect girl, outers, and inners. He promises himself to make her cheerful again either getting her love back or by loving her, himself. The blossom for Dimple makes him explore himself as a successful IITian.

May be,a partner? Let Dimple to think over it. The story ends with an epilogue with the marriage ceremony of Tasaffur’s sister that is organized by Sumit, Dimple, and Nainsi with the cash reward Sumit gets from an organization over his research work in IIT electrical engineering department. Dimple is wearing a lehenga. Tasaffur comes to Dimple with her phone and she sees, “Mangesh Rahangdale wants to be your friend.”



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