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Har Har Modi !!! #3yearsofModiGovt @sadhavi #SadhaviKhosla #हर_हर_मोदी

Har Har Modi !!! #3yearsofModiGovt @sadhavi #SadhaviKhosla #हर_हर_मोदी

Har Har Modi Jai Jai Modi

Sadhavi Khosla

Three years ago, the people of India selected Narendra Modi as their Prime Minister, and that has changed the country entirely, at last.
Today, as we see it, India has been ‘Transformed’, and this is how!

Today’s youth, inundated with job offers

The country’s youth today is floored by numerous job opportunities, all thanks to the Modi government. While, just a few years back, unemployment was at an all-time high, today, the scenario has undergone a sea change. High-skilled blue collar jobs – which were earlier earmarked just for the premier institutes like Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), are now in abundance that even students graduating from local institutes are having a tough time deciding which ones to go for.

Thank you, Modi ji, for helping us see this delight, while we are still alive. It’s all because of you that the country’s future generations will know the sagas of unemployment only as the “Chronicles of India”, not as an actuality.

Har Har Modi!

India-Pakistan – Brothers in Arms

Modi ji’s proactive and balanced policy to deal with Pakistan has not only helped in amending the relations with the neighbour, but it also fortified them so strongly that the love between the two nations knows no boundaries now. The regular exchange of Biryanis and Rajma Chawal on the Wagah Border is a proof of this brotherly love. We couldn’t be prouder of you Modi ji!
Thank you once again.

Har Har Modi!

India, the safest place in the world

Gone are the days when reading newspapers in the morning used to be a dreadful task. So many months have passed and there is no single news about China’s or Pak’s intrusions inside the Indian Territory. And, no more terrorist attacks even! We, now know, how does it feel to live in a country where the rate of terrorism is the lowest – all thanks to Modi ji. And, yes, how can I forget about Naxals and Moists? They are all happy with the government and have resorted to no attacks for almost two years now. Isn’t that great? Living in a country which is the safest in the world is nothing short of a dream. But, Modi ji made that possible too.

Jai Jai Modi!

Kashmir, the heaven, is reconditioned

Under Modi ji’s excellent governance, we have crossed those times when outrage and grisly mayhems used to surround the heaven on earth, Kashmir. With the abrogation of Article 370 and the implementation of BJP’s agenda in Kashmir, now, we can’t find resentful youth fighting for the freedom of its place, nor do we find the cases of decapitated soldiers giving the nation reasons to mourn.

Kashmir has never been so peaceful. And, India could never be more grateful of its PM for taking the right actions at the right time.

Har Har Modi!

Rs 15 lakh successfully credited

After the huge success of the demonetization drive, which has helped the government to recover black money worth of billions of rupees, I, along with every single citizen of the nation, couldn’t thank Modi ji enough for crediting Rs 15 lakh to our bank accounts. I was anyway planning to change my car, and with this present from the PM of our country, buying that latest Skoda model has been a breeze.

My maid has also fulfilled her long-drawn desire to save money for her son’s IIM admissions, all because of your wonderful gift, Modi ji.

So, thank you once again for standing true to your promise and delivering the money that we all were waiting for so long.

Jai Jai Modi!

Prospering Agriculture

For the past few years, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find any news about farmers’ suicides, be it in the state of Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, or in Tamil Nadu. Modi ji’s special packages to help the farmers of India come out of the trap of debt-ridden poverty has helped them not only survive, but prosper. Thank you, Modi ji.

Once again, Har Har Modi!

Railway prices

Just three years into power, and Modi government has reduced railway fares and freight rates with its magic wand. Not just that, the prices of platform tickets also dropped substantially, helping everyone to travel by train, sans hassles. As a matter of fact, even people who belong to the poor and lower-middle classes can now afford travelling in premium trains like Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi. Modi ji, really made our dreams come true.

Jai Jai Modi!

Unbiased Media

Media, the fourth pillar of democracy, has changed the way it used to work a few years ago. Today, under the BJP government’s command, media is all about disclosing impartial, honest news. Media channels, across the country present news as they are – without tampering the facts or picking preferences. Finally, the days of biased media reporting are over, and the credit goes to none other than Modi ji!

Har Har Modi!

Clean Ganga

What started about three years ago as the Namami Gange programme, gave one of the most sacred rivers of India – Ganga, a complete overhaul. Ahead of time, the Modi government gave us clean Ganga, free from any traces of toxic waste and sewage. People couldn’t stop praising Modi ji, and there’s even a song which has become all the rage these days, which goes like this“Ram teri Ganga saaf ho gayi, Modi ji ke hote…”

Again, Har Har Modi!

Digital India

With Modi ji’s blessings, India has been transformed into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The amalgamation of Indian Talent and Information Technology has been such a huge success that India has beaten the West in the realm of IT, and Modi ji is sure that this is just the beginning.

Har Har Modi!

Make in India    

Modi ji is one of those rare individuals who believe that “actions speak louder than words”. This is the reason why Modi ji left no stone unturned to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub, under the Make in India initiative of his government. Today, the Indian manufacturing industry is a shining example for other industries, thanks to the billions of investment that has been made in the industry which has helped in fostering innovation, developing skills, protecting Intellectual Property (IP) and building best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure – all because Modi ji had a vision and the will to do so.

Jai Jai Modi!

New India              

Had it not been for Modi ji, the old India wouldn’t have been transformed into New India. This New India is all about rapid development, unity, progress, morality, which has subsumed petty tactics of other political parties like communalism, corruption, rhetoric, spreading hatred, and exercising muscle and money power.

Thank you, Modi ji, for showing other political parties the ‘right’ path and giving us the New India.

Jai Jai Modi!

Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas

There have been governments in the past, but the Modi government is unlike others. The developmental plan of Modi ji with which every citizen of India resonated when he promised of a nation based on “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” has been implemented in only thirty-six months. While other parties could be very well pigeon-holed as pro-rich, favouring big industrialists, Modi ji’s government focused on inclusive development of the nation, and what did it give us? A nation free of agrarian crises, farmers’ suicides, unemployment, illiteracy, youth and women suppression.

Jai Jai Modi!

We, the citizens of India, are absolutely indebted towards our PM, who went out of his way to stand true to his promises and delivered 100% manifesto in a matter of just three years. Filled with gratitude, the nation has decided to declare Modi ji as the PM for the 2019 election as well, without him having the need to fight for those elections. He is a clear-cut winner, so, we might as well save the money which is usually spent on elections and put it in the fund to help our neighbouring brother, Pakistan to find a PM who could be as similar in actions as Modi ji.

After all, why should India have all the fun?

Thank you, Modi ji, for all that you did.

There’s nothing we want more.

Just one last thing!

Please make all this a ‘reality’.

Wishful thinking??

Sadhavi Khosla

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