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Be ready for Ritu Beri's bomb — 'The Fire of A Restless Mind'

Ritu Beri celebrates 25 years in fashion and brings to life two books.

Be ready for Ritu Beri's bomb 'The Fire of A Restless Mind'
Nothing inspires me more than Life - Life is my source of passion and has gifted me some of the most rewarding experiences. This book of pictures tells my stories and I breathe life into them through my thoughts, in words! .... An excited Ritu Beri speaks about her book 'The Designs of A Restless Mind' with sparks in her eyes.

"After 25 years in the Fashion industry this is certainly one of life's full circle moments for me", says Ritu Beri. Ritu is celebrating 25 years by coming out with not one but two books, one of which is her autobiography; interspersed with various adventures as she aspired to conquer & then set out to seize the global fashion world.... ask about whats in it... and she wont reveal nothing. So !!! Guys be ready for the bomb 'The Fire of A Restless Mind' of which the only hint that you could get is – it's a first-hand,exciting portrayal of the various experiences that she encountered in her journey through life. "It is a straight forward, easy to read autobiographical rendition of the evolution of the Indian fashion industry!!", says Ritu.

The books published by Academic Foundation are lined for a haute couture launch on 9th April at Hyatt.